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Justin Chien Height, Age, Biography, Wiki, Wife, Net Worth And More

 Justin Chien, a 26-year-old with an irresistible enthusiasm, hails from Taiwan, settled in the energetic scene of East Asia. His story accepts a courageous turn as he set out on a groundbreaking excursion to the US during his young life. Arriving in the clamoring and vivid city of Los Angeles, California, Justin’s family wound up submerged in an embroidery of societies, dialects, and valuable open doors. In this blend of variety, Justin’s childhood was hued by the rich encounters and one of a kind kinds of this unique city, molding him into the individual he is today.

Justin Chien Height

 Justin Chien, with his transcending level of around 5 feet 11 inches, doesn’t simply order consideration; he requests it. His presence in any room is similar to a beacon in the midst of a blustery ocean, directing people around him with a steady feeling of confirmation. With wide shoulders that appear to be tailor-made for conveying the heaviness of obligation, Justin oozes an atmosphere of certainty that easily draws individuals towards him. His height, joined with a look that punctures through hindrances, says a lot before he even expresses a word. Justin Chien isn’t only tall in actual height; he stands tall in character, administration, and obvious magnetism, making a permanent imprint any place he goes.

Who is Justin Chien?

Justin Chien, the Taiwanese-American entertainer, maker, and author, has made a permanent imprint on media outlets with his adaptable and charming exhibitions. One of his critical jobs is that of Charles Sun, a Taiwanese group of three mobster, in the Netflix series “The Siblings Sun,” which debuted on January 4, 2024. Chien’s depiction of this character has gathered huge consideration and applause.

Beyond his role in “The Brothers Sun,” Chien has also been recognized for his talent in short films. Works like “Continuum,” “Fine China,” and “Endless Yesterdays” have earned him nominations at prestigious events like the Chinese American Film Festival. These nominations highlight his skill and dedication not only in television but also in the realm of short filmmaking.

Chien’s diverse range and outstanding performances continue to captivate audiences and establish him as a rising star in the entertainment world.

Justin Chien Bio

 Justin Chien, additionally known by his epithet Justin and his substitute name Qian Yuyang, was conceived at some point somewhere in the range of 1995 and 1998, making him around 25 to 28 years of age starting around 2023. Initially from Beijing, China, he right now dwells in the US.

Justin relates to his Chinese-American identity and is accepted to follow Buddhism, however this hasn’t been formally affirmed. He has a place with the Asian identity and was brought into the world under the zodiac indication of Capricorn.

Justin is a multi-hat player in the entertainment world professionally. His career as an actor, writer, producer, casting director, model, and television personality has made him well-known.

Justin Chien Childhood

Justin Chien, brought into the world in 1997 in Taiwan, turned 26 of every 2024. His underlying foundations might have begun in Taiwan, however when he was youthful, his family took the action to radiant Los Angeles, California. Justin’s family boasts an impressive array of talents and accomplishments. His father, Carl Chien, holds the esteemed position of CEO at JPMorgan Taiwan, showcasing his sharp business skills. Meanwhile, his mother, Virginia Hu, is no stranger to the business world herself.

The family tree doesn’t stop there. Justin’s grandfather, Fredrick Chien, adds a touch of diplomacy to the mix, having served as a Taiwanese diplomat and politician in his heyday. And let’s not forget his great-grandfather, S.L. Chien, who left an indelible mark by founding two research facilities back in Taiwan.

Justin grew up in a bustling household with his three siblings: Darren, Christen, and Fred. Since early on, Justin had a skill for performing. You could have even gotten looks at him in ads during his experience growing up days.

Justin Chien Wiki

IntroductionJ ustin Chien, a 26-year-old Taiwanese-American performer, got comfortable Los Angeles, California. His childhood in a different climate molded his personality.
HeightRemaining at around 5 feet 11 inches, Justin oozes certainty and moxy, establishing a long term connection any place he goes.
Who isJustin Chien is a Taiwanese-American actor, producer, and writer known for his role as Charles Sun in the Netflix series “The Brothers Sun.” He has also gained recognition for his work in short films like “Continuum” and “Fine China.”
BioBorn in Taiwan around 1995-1998, Justin moved to Los Angeles with his family. His father, Carl Chien, is a CEO at JPMorgan Taiwan, while his mother, Virginia Hu, also holds business acumen. His grandfather, Fredrick Chien, was a Taiwanese diplomat and politician. Justin has three siblings: Darren, Christen, and Fred. He pursued his passion for acting, attending the University of Southern California.
EducationJustin concentrated on film and television creation at the College of Southern California and improved his abilities at the Lee Strasberg Theater and Film Organization and the Groundlings School.
AgeBorn in 1997, Justin is around 27-28 years old as of 2024, depending on his birthday in that year.
PersonalJustin is single, focused on his career, but open to romance in the future. He values his family and friends for stability amidst fame.
FamilyHis family is accomplished, with his father, mother, and siblings all contributing to various fields. His grandfather was a diplomat, and his great-grandfather founded research facilities in Taiwan.
BrothersJustin’s breakthrough role as Jin Sun in “The Brothers Sun” showcased his talent and earned critical acclaim.
CareerJustin started acting in short films like “Minolta” and later ventured into directing and writing. He made his TV debut in 2021 and gained prominence with his role in “The Brothers Sun.”
Net WorthEstimated at $1 million as of 2024, Justin’s wealth reflects his success as an actor, writer, and producer.
RelationshipJustin is currently single, maintaining privacy about his personal life despite his rising fame.

Justin Chien Education

Justin’s excursion into the universe of execution started at a youthful age when he wound up attracted to the spotlight. Indeed, even as a young person, he was at that point causing disturbances, showing up in various ads that displayed his normal ability. As he developed, so did his energy for show and theater, which he sharpened during his secondary school days in Los Angeles.

His quest for greatness drove him to the College of Southern California, where he dove profound into the domains of film and TV creation. It was here that he really thrived, submerging himself in the craft of narrating and visual articulation. Be that as it may, Justin didn’t stop there; he looked to extend his viewpoints much further.

Not set in stone to refine his art, he devoted himself to learning at regarded foundations like the Lee Strasberg Theater and Film Establishment and the famous Groundlings School. These encounters were groundbreaking, forming him into a flexible and talented entertainer.

Through devotion, difficult work, and a constant quest for his fantasies, Justin arose as an alumni with a degree, yet as an entertainer prepared to influence the universe of diversion.

Justin Chien Age

 In the event that Justin Chien was brought into the world in 1997 and it is at present 2024, his age would be 27 or turning 28 relying upon whether his birthday has passed in 2024. On the off chance that his birthday has not yet happened in 2024, he would in any case be 27; assuming it has happened, he would be 28. Without knowing the particular date of his birthday in 2024, deciding his careful age as of now is unrealistic.

Justin Chien Personal life

Despite receiving plenty of attention, especially after his captivating shirtless scenes in “The Brothers Sun,” Justin Chien is happily single. In a recent interview, he mentioned, “Right now, I’m fully focused on my career and honing my skills as an actor. Romance can take a back seat for the time being.” Standing tall at 6 feet with a strong physique and charming personality, Chien undoubtedly has a lot of potential romantic interests whenever he decides to pursue love.

Currently, he seems content with his close circle of family and friends, who provide him with stability amidst his rising fame. Chien acknowledges the challenges that come with being in the spotlight, but his roots and support system help him stay grounded. While he continues to climb the ladder of success in his career, the idea of romance remains a possibility, patiently waiting for its moment in Justin Chien’s life.

Justin Chien Family

Justin Chien hails from a family brimming with success stories. Picture this: his dad, Carl Chien, is a big shot over at JPMorgan in Taiwan, flaunting the family’s knack for all things finance.

Then there’s his mom, Virginia Hu, a real powerhouse in the business world, adding another layer to their already impressive family résumé. And let’s not forget his siblings – Darren, Christen, and Fred – each bringing their own flair to the Chien family dynamic.

But it doesn’t stop there. The Chien clan’s influence stretches far and wide. Justin’s granddad, Fredrick Chien, was a heavyweight diplomat and politician in Taiwan, while his great-granddad, S.L. Chien, laid the groundwork for research centers there, leaving an indelible mark on the country’s landscape.

Growing up in such a blend of business savvy and diplomatic finesse, Justin’s got quite the upbringing. Now, at the ripe age of 27 in 2024, he’s charting his own course in the entertainment biz, building upon the rich legacy set by his accomplished family.

Justin Chien Brothers

After years of immersing himself in the craft of acting, studying the techniques of cinema legends, and refining his skills through supporting roles, Justin Chien felt a stirring sense of destiny when he learned about the auditions for The Brothers Sun. This gritty drama, delving into the complexities of two brothers navigating life’s moral gray areas, resonated deeply with him. With determination etched in his heart, Justin cleared his schedule, recognizing this as the opportunity he had been yearning for.

 Venturing into the tryout room, not set in stone to leave a permanent imprint on the projecting chief, makers, and organization leaders. The weeks that followed were a rollercoaster of nerves and expectation, every day conveying the heaviness of his goals. And afterward, the call came  he had handled the lead job.

 In a genuine meeting with Esquire Magazine, Justin uncovered his deepest feelings, describing the mind-boggling surge of bliss and help that washed over him after hearing the news. “I knew at that time that my life was going to change always,” he imparted to the columnists.

The heart of the show beats with the dynamic between Jin and Taylor Sun, portrayed by Justin Chien and the talented newcomer, Aaron Rogers Alienated kin push back together by mysterious occasions from before, the pair disentangles secrets through enthralling flashbacks..

Critics have been effusive in their praise of Chien’s portrayal of Jin, lauding it as “captivating and poignant.” Through his performance, the show explores timeless themes of brotherhood, sacrifice, and moral ambiguity, with Justin infusing Jin Sun’s character with depth, nuance, and empathy.

Since its recent premiere, fans have flocked to social media, hailing Justin Chien as Hollywood’s newest sensation. Analysts in the entertainment industry are already forecasting major award nominations for Chien, recognizing the layers and complexity he brings to his role.

Viewers are drawn into the magnetic pull of Jin Sun’s character, sensing his descent down a path fraught with darkness and hidden secrets that threaten to consume his soul. Yet, the allure lies in the tension between upholding the family name and grappling with the choices of right and wrong. This palpable conflict is the heartbeat of the show, brought to life through Justin Chien’s standout performance in every scene.

Justin Chien Career

Justin Chien’s journey into acting began early, despite coming from a privileged background. He pursued his passion with unwavering determination. His first taste of the limelight came in 2015 with the debut of the short film “Minolta.”

The next year, Justin featured in two more short films: “Cyclists” and “Consent or (The Unexpected Virtue of Affirmation).”

Over the course of the last ten years, Justin has leveled up his abilities in front of an audience, conveying significant exhibitions in creations like “Valley of the Heart” at the Imprint Tighten Discussion. Close by his stage work, he exhibited his ability in short movies, for example, “Many Names” (2018) and “Number 2” (2019).

Expanding his horizons, Justin ventured into directing and composing for short films while maintaining his acting career. His directorial debut came with the documentary “Continuum” in 2018, followed by acclaimed works like “Fine China” (2020) and “Endless Yesterdays” (2021). Justin also penned scripts for “Reverallium” (2017) and “Continuum” (2018), featuring in the latter.

After years of auditions, Justin finally secured his first television role in 2021 on the show “Two Sides Infidelity,” portraying the character Mikey across every episode.

But it was his breakthrough role as Charles Sun in the Netflix series “The Brothers Sun” that truly propelled Justin into the spotlight. Despite facing challenges, including demanding action sequences, Justin insisted on doing his own stunts for authenticity. Throughout the first season’s eight episodes, his commitment to his craft shone through, cementing his place as a rising star in the industry.

Justin Chien Net Worth

Justin Chien’s financial success is truly remarkable.By 2024, his expected complete resources should take off to an unbelievable $1.5 million, showing his prospering employment in news sources. His continuous complete resources of $1 million is an exhibition of his achievements as a writer, creator, and performer. Justin’s interaction includes his dedication and capacity, preparing for his flourishing business and money related prospering.

Justin Chien Relationship

 Ongoing reports recommend that Justin Chien is right now single and hasn’t been freely connected to any close connections. In spite of his rising distinction and impressive riches, which is assessed at $1 million out of 2024, Justin keeps a degree of protection with regards to his own life.

 He’s decided to stay quiet about this part of his life, even as his prominence keeps on taking off. This choice has started hypothesis among his fans about whether he has any designs for marriage or on the other hand in the event that there’s an extraordinary somebody not too far off.

The air of mystery surrounding Justin’s marital status only adds to his already captivating persona, leaving his admirers intrigued and eager to uncover more about this part of his life.


 Justin Chien, a Taiwanese-American entertainer, maker, and essayist, has arisen as a noticeable figure in media outlets, enamoring crowds with his flexible exhibitions. Brought up in Los Angeles, California, Justin’s childhood in a different climate impacted his personality and profession direction. Standing tall at around 5 feet 11 inches, Justin orders consideration with his sure presence. His advanced job as Charles Sun in the Netflix series “The Siblings Sun” gathered boundless praise, exhibiting his ability and flexibility. Past acting, Justin has dug into coordinating, composing, and delivering, exhibiting his diverse capacities. Notwithstanding his rising distinction and achievement, Justin stays zeroed in on his profession and keeps up with security about his own life.


Early Life and Family: Justin Chien was brought into the world in Taiwan around 1997 and later moved to Los Angeles, California, with his loved ones. His dad, Carl Chien, is a Chief at JPMorgan Taiwan, and his mom, Virginia Hu, likewise holds business sharpness. His granddad, Fredrick Chien, was a Taiwanese representative and lawmaker.

Career:  Justin sought after his energy for acting since early on and improved his abilities through different jobs in short movies and stage creations. He moved on from the College of Southern California, represent considerable authority in film and TV creation. Justin’s breakout job came in the Netflix series “The Siblings Sun,” where he depicted Charles Sun.

Personal Life: Despite his rising fame, Justin remains single and maintains privacy about his romantic life. He values his close circle of family and friends for stability amidst his career.

Education: Justin concentrated on film and TV creation at the College of Southern California and further refined his abilities at the Lee Strasberg Theater and Film Organization and the Groundlings School.

Physical Attributes: Justin is approximately 5 feet 11 inches tall, exuding confidence and charisma wherever he goes.


What is Justin Chien’s height?

 Justin Chien stands at around 5 feet 11 inches tall, commanding attention with his confident presence.

What is Justin Chien known for?

 Justin Chien is referred to for his adaptable exhibitions as an entertainer, maker, and author. His breakout job came in the Netflix series “The Siblings Sun,” where he depicted Charles Sun.

Is Justin Chien married?

 As of current reports, Justin Chien is single and has not freely uncovered any data about his conjugal status or close connections.

What is Justin Chien’s net worth?

 Justin Chien’s all out resources is evaluated to be around $1 million beginning around 2024, reflecting his productive employment in news sources.

Where did Justin Chien grow up?

 Justin Chien experienced childhood in Los Angeles, California, after his family moved from Taiwan. His childhood in a different climate impacted his own and proficient turn of events.

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